I love my dad :)

I really love my dad a lot… whenever he sees that I am tired or work really late into the night he’ll always offer to send me to school and being such a selfish daughter I always say yes, without thinking how tired he’ll be the next day :( Plus his working hours are so long and he comes back close to 12 every night and won’t sleep before 1, and he still wakes up so early in the morning to send me to school even though sleep is one of the most impt things to him :’) I can never be grateful enough for him, just wish I could be a better daughter to him. Shall not ask him to send me anymore and wake up myself!!! Father’s Day this sunday, gna do/ make sth nice for him :) It’s funny how when someone not-so-close to us does sth nice we thank them to no end, but always take our family’s gestures of love for granted! Must keep this in mindddd

First day of band camp over.. I need to push myself harder. Isabel’s birthday buffet this Friday, can’t wait to pig out with them hehe I love birthdays.

P.S. Me me me me me me me.. if only I could say it out sigh. No-guts-nat. : (

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