The more I know, the less I understand

– The Heart of the Matter, India Arie

Sigh CT revision so screwed, how?!?!
Currently studying inequalities -_- loser much i haven’t covered anything else lol wth. Tmr = potc + touch rug trng.. Looking fwd to it hehe but this means i have less time to study also. And there’s band camp wed-fri, church on sat so i only have 3 days to study for common tests, wowwww. And i’m still not waking up. Ugh discipline natalie discipline….. Do you want your good grades or not!!

Had sp in thr morn + met up w my pw grp just now. They’re all so funny hahaha love them ttm. + we had h2h/ gossip sessions trololol. Ok night need to wake up early tmr (boo i no like early mornings)

P.S. Just because someone is different from you doesn’t mean the person doesn’t deserve acceptance.


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