His banner over me is love, His love

Gonna watch xmen with my parents naoooooo :)
I was supposed to go aft svc then my mum didn’t book the tickets so there were no seats left -_-
Anyway hope it’ll be good! Hehe finally can watch moviessss I missed so many already.
And potc with the girls next week, can’t wait to see them all miss them terribly..

Service today was really good. God is the giver of all good gifts, how true
& God really reminded me that true joy starts with counting your blessings, see God’s hand in everything in your life!
Spent more time with my LG too yay love them lotssss

Gonna stay off fb and twitter and tumblr for a while so will be posting here more often I guess hehe. I like wordpress a lot actually twitter is waaaay too open, even if mine is private lol. Ok busy weeks ahead but I want to use my time wisely to glorify you!! :)

Okie I’m off now, tmr will be a v busy day indeed. Next week too w pw + tr + bc. BLAH

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