Since this week is so long and dreary I shall list stuff that I am looking forward to to make me happy :)
1. Interhouse + Kirin BBQ! Ok even though it’s gonna be a really long day I have a feeling it’ll be awesome, besides I can’t wait to cheer our classmates on and support Kirin the best house everrrrr
2. Touch Rug Clinic + trainings! I miss trainings I feel like I haven’t been holding a ball in a really long time. Plus lol, actually teaching the game to someone else. Sth to look forward to definitely.
3. Open house + rhythm! Rhythm will be so different but well, new experience hehe
4. Hongkong to see my brother + aunt + cousins, shopping till we dropping (my grammer is cool like tht) + eating till I burst + jogging with Holly their dog LOL apparently my brother does tht every morning now. Omg really can’t wait!!!! Shanghai, please surprise me cos idk what’s fun in you.
5. Mugging. HAHAHA please believe me I actually like studying when i get to plan my own time, I just don’t like meeting deadlines and doing reports or wtv nonsense. It’s a joy to be able to love what you study, and I can safely say that I like all by subjects now hehe. Ok, math needs more time HAHA. June holidays would be a great time to catch up on my study time + maybe read some books + watch a drama. Oh the life of a slacker~
6. SYDNEY~ Need I say more? Plus really hope to change some stuff which shld be elaborated on!
7. Spending more time with God and getting to know my LG mates better!! Really need to step out of my comfort zone for His kingdom. And learn to show my love for people in a more.. outward way haha
8. Pigging out with my fellow oinkies. Buffets+steamboats+milktea+yoghurt+barbqueues galore! No more stinky school food LOL

Ok I very happy now off to do my math


    I didn’t know you had a wordpress haha ok now i know oops :x Anw reading your post makes me happy toooooo hope you have a great june holiday + yay for baking LG this week! ^^

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