These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down

(Change, Taylor Swift)

SYF is over. It’s kind of sad how the reality of it is that we are labelled as a bronze band – but it really isn’t representative of all that we’ve been through as a band at all. Regardless of the award I’m so so proud of us that we decided to go ahead with SYF despite having all the odds against us. Competing with bands thrice our size, having no horns and working so hard and improving so much within a month, it’s really testament to our resilience and perserverance, sticking by each other no matter what through this journey.. Though it was such a short one we’ve created so so many memories together and I feel like I bonded a lot with the band too hehe. Got to know my squad mates better, bonded even more with my crazy clarinets, and respecting the seniors who stood by the band even though there was only 11 people in their batch. :) Somewhere along all of this deep in our hearts we somehow knew that all that really mattered to us was the bonds that we’ve formed and the memories that we made together, which is why there were so little tears shed yesterday.. I’m so proud to be in a band like DHSSB and I hope that our fighting spirit will continue to live on in the hearts of our juniors :) Love this band so so much, and truly felt the meaning of 军乐队一家人♥ Thank you everyone who stood by us, Mr Ng, seniors, Mrs Wong, Mr Teo, Ms Soh, juniors, etcetc :) I really hope that the next batch of juniors will stay on and carry on the tradition and feel what we felt as a band too..

Had history test after school today.. Mr Chiang bought nutri tea for us so nice la… my impression of him kind of changed haha he can be really nice at times :) Then went macs with ruo and the rest and went homeeeee to spend time with my mummy! Tmr’s gonna a long day out so I better get some decent rest hehe. Busy long weekend but I like it~

Ok goodnight sleep tight! :B

Don’t know what to think/feel abt you now


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