I love reading other people’s blogs because you get to know so much more about them – and sometimes I get really inspired by their posts too! Call me stalker or whatever, but I think it’s really interesting to know what people really think, and more often than not they are not what they portray themselves to be like in real life at all and they are so much deeper than what they seem haha. Sure blogs with lots of pictures and little words are eye-catching and easy to read, but it doesn’t say much about the person does it. Somehow I feel like I gain a fresh perspective on issues everytime I read posts by other people. I think the ability to express yourself through words is a much cherished ability because not many people can do that. To be able to convey everything that you feel in just mere words is difficult, but when you do it and somehow everything falls into place you kind of feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that you were able to put your feelings into words. And when someone voices it out for you it feels even better because you know that they feel the same way too and you’re not alone :) Am I making sense? Guess not. Haha okay bye

Sometimes I feel that whatever I’m doing is a dread, but when I remember who’s behind me supporting me and who I’m ultimately doing this for, my spirits are immediately uplifted and I get the drive to move on again :) Jiayou friends who feel the same way because you’re definitely not running this race alone.


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