‘Forever can never be long enough for me, to feel like I have long enough with you’
Iwgtkym, cwtdt

Watching star awards now with my famileh~ :D I miss my bro a lot already leh sian ttm…. just webcammed him hehe. I can’t wait for the June holidays srsly!!!! So many things await. Excited!!!

Hope that I will be more focused on Go and not get overwhelmed with all the things that are bothering me right now. Especially schoolwork. I actually enjoy the other things that are making me stressed, except the unnecessary stress from hewhomustnotbementioned, like band and touch rug! And I realise that the problem is tht I haven’t been listening to God at all, I’m letting all the clutter of my life affect my relationship with Him. Jiayou me, I can do this because You always have my back :) :) :) Sad tht I always can’t make it for LG cos of my schedule ugh.. Hope tht it will be better after SYF. Ok off to do my PI while watching Star Awards :B


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