I realise I haven’t been posting much about my life!! It’s all about my thoughts haha. And I have to make it a point to note down all the things because I’m a real forgetful person and I hate myself for that!!

So today we had SP in the afternoon – and worked out some stuff but spent most of the time planning for _____ hehe hope that it will be a success. Shopped for ____ and got koi!! Oh and we saw weijie haha. Productive gift shopping can’t wait to make them already.

Yesterday san ku ma came and we played monopoly deal and headed out for seafood @ No Signboard!! Yummerlicious. I ate Pepper Crab. Omg heavenly.

Saturday was the CIP @ ECP!! The first part was fun but the 2nd part was just -_- Oh watching people catch fish was kinda interesting now that I think of it.

Recently the feeling’s been back, and I worked so hard to keep it away because I knew it’d end up in hurt but it just hit me all of a sudden. Was just wondering what would have happened if I didn’t make that decision, if __ ______ ___, if… Now’s probably not the time to be thinking about all of this ._. I think absence just makes the heart forget, and I wanted it to stay that way. Hope I never see you again.

Ok I’m clearly in a sleepy mood why am I even typing this. Touch training tmr then probably bowling and more mugging. Gonna be so busy from wednesday onwards. Go me :)

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