Haha so I thought I’d do a post on my section, who has been a great part of my school life! :)

To be honest I didn’t think I’d be so attached to my section, but I really am. Clarinets really feel like family to me, and whenever I see them in school my day would be instantly brightened up haha! They really accept me for the true retard that I am (lol) and the seniors are all so helpful I didn’t really feel lost/ anything when I first came into band being the noob that I was haha. Today the sh clarinets – chingwoon + terence were playing monopoly deal in the canteen today haha so fun and it really kind of felt family-ish lol! And with the juniors as well, they feel just like kids LOL they are so cute la. & I love the Senior High clarinets a lot!!!! We all have so much fun gossiping/ laughing every SP and have so much fun playing together as well, I really love them a lot hehe. And chingwoon, zoe and kristal are really the best seniors I could ever ask for, I feel so blessed to have them in my section!! :D And isabel and roy feel like my siblings LOL even though we argue/ wdv sometimes we still accept each other for who we are. I can’t wait for sydney with the juniors too because they make me laugh. Really sad that the seniors can’t go though man at least we have SYF, we will give it our all and leave no regrets! Haha idk this is so mushy but I just felt a need to appreciate my section haha. I don’t think anyone from my section reads this though, which is kinda good cos it would be awkward. HAHA. I’d be really sad the day I ever leave this band because they gave me so much to take away, and blessed me with an awesome section woo. Wo ai clarinetszxzxzxzx

One thought on “Clarinets!

  1. HAHAHA I READ IT :) But it’s ok cos’ I think I’m the only 1 that ever comes here HEHE! Love you so so much too my dear we are going to have such a blast @ Sydney with our kids I can’t wait man!!! See you @ Rugby tmr <3

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