Random thoughts


1. How long does it actually take to know someone? To fully comprehend the reasons behind their actions, to understand what they feel right now, to know when minds will change, to really understand them inside out. Possibly never huh. We don’t even completely understand ourselves, much less others.

2. Today in Lit class we went through two poems that were about relationships, and there was one about two parents facing relationship problems and the child having to deal with that. It’s so unfair how the child has to deal with quarrels everyday :( And I know so many people are facing this problem nowadays, I just wish that I could help them in some way and that they’ll open up to people who care about them..

3. The term ‘I’ll always be here for you’ is way to overused.

4. Today was a really great day, just in case I sound emo in this post. Few of the random thoughts that go through my head everyday :o May each day be better than the last! :)

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