Wasn’t it beautiful running wild till you fell asleep, before the monsters caught up to you?

– My favourite line in Innocent, Taylor Swift

I used to think a lot about the past, it’s pretty normal for people to do that right? I used to miss my year 2 life so so much.. It was really the best school year of my life haha. But i kind of learnt the hard way that it’s really no use wanting to go back to where you were. What’s the point really? It’s good to reminisce about the past with old friends etc, but what’s more important than seizing opportunities right in front of you and celebrating the present? It’s a sad realisation that whether we like it or not, we are growing up and growing up fast, and one of my greatest fears is to not make the most of my life now.. And I feel that I’m living my fear everyday :( God please help me to step out of my comfort zone!! Need this breakthrough asap.

School was been stressful, antagonizing, crazy, funny, sleepy, entertaining and unpredictable all at the same time. Love-hate relationship sia. But I’m so thankful to have friends around me to brave this year out together!! Banders, clarinets, 5C13, Wvragx (go figure), 4L, touch ruggers, etc. Love you guys loads (L) There’s too much details in school to be elaborated on though I wish I could, then I can look back and laugh haha. It’s Friday tmr and I’m feeling incredibly excited, hehehe. I end at 145 (COOLIO) & there’s MLG tmr!!! Really praying hard tht Amanda can make it! Math test was super depressing. I’ve never felt so hopeless about a math test, not to mention tht it’s the first one of this year…… Sort out broke down thinking abt how bad at math I am no matter how hard I work, but thank God for friends once again who kinda cheered me up during PW with sweets and notes and words :) Although I have to say this I really hate myself when I start crying and people look right at me and ask me if I’m okay and I feel so unglam and stupid and start crying even more.

Motivation: Possible vietnam ocip, confirmed sydney trip, march holidays, soon-to-be-planned outings :D

Haha ok gonna fall asleep to the sounds of my favourite playlist again!

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