It’s really scary how an impression of someone can be changed by stories you hear from others, so you immediately jump to conclusions and assume that they are what you perceive them to be. I’m guilty of that myself, in a sense that I don’t try to get my facts right before saying stuff about another person to someone else, before thinking that they’re a bad person blabla. So I thought about it just now and the truth is, no one wants to be bossy, selfish, etc and I believe that they’re constantly trying to change. And the moment you label them as something it really impacts them even though they don’t say it. So the next time you want to judge someone, think of the last time someone judged you, and think of how badly you wanted to change that stereotype or impression. Everyone deserves a second chance to change, don’t they? Humans are so complicated, but that’s what makes them beautiful too I guess.

Senior High is really very different. I really like it that we are given the freedom to be more independent now, but it’s like we are responsible for everything now, all our failures and disappointments etcetc, definitely more stressful but I guess we just have to get used to it? :)

我懷念過去單純 美好的小幸福

So apt.


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