For you, a thousand times over.

So I’ve been reading the Kite Runner since just now and I read ten chapters straight omg that book is seriously awesome. Go read it if you haven’t okay!! So worth your time.

Met weilin in the morning to study, but we ended up talking as usual hahaha and we couldn’t do the first question of the math supplementary lol fail with a capital f. Went to subway to eat our breakfast first then went to teadot to have some strawberry tiramisu, listened to Lotus Sutra tgt both of us love it so much!!! Motivated to work harder and harder and harderrrrr. Then went to KOI to get Green Tea Macchiato but both of us were so noob we couldn’t figure out how to drink it so I had to call Amanda Cheng for help LOL. Not that great la I prefer ice cream milk tea hehe. Planned a secret outing muahaha for pigs only laughed a lot and rectangular siewmais and parted ways!! Always love time spent with her, she’s one of the few people I can tell everything to and know she won’t judge, yet at the same time constantly insult each other haha. Confidante and best friend! :)

Went for service which in my opinion was the best service this year, cos it’s about love and showing love, and what are humans without love? Shall elaborate more in a private post, but the gist of it is I am so so amazed by You Lord and I’ll love others like how You have loved me! :D Left nexus with a very convicted and hopeful heart :) Wanted to get my starbucks card with Rachel but I didn’t have enough money. Gosh my money is seriously all going to my tummy fats hahahaha.

Then I went home and read the Kite Runner + awesome dinner. So history’s kind of undone. HA.


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