I haven’t been posting this week!! Hmmm shall attempt to recall what’s been going on..
Monday: Celebrations in school > 5C13 lunch @ Ajisen > Mugging with Xinxin and ger at the library~
Tuesday: Back2school, had SP after school but I forgot to bring my clarinet so I studied a bit with weilin while waiting for Viv then me and wl went to get Koi + mcwings. Haha pig ttm. But I love it~
Wednesday: We had band and there was good news! Woo I re-found my passion for the band hehe
Thursday: Had a super bad day but it ended off great with LG with the year 5s :) They brighten up my life~ HAHA I had to do some disgusting forfeit, poor laura+me!!! Lol had a great time anyway love them!
Friday: Went back to take the non-SYF juniors with chingwoon and they improved a bit, happy ttm haha. It started raining super heavily and I got really wet :( Met xt and her friends and we went home tgt haha pasir ris peeps ftw. Was insanely tired after I went back so I took a nap omg worst decision ever cos I woke up with really red eyes and I felt so groggy. Boo. Headed over to my uncle’s house @ WOODLANDS had a really great time with my cousins even though they were all playing dota at first lol wth. I will never get tht game.

Ok my memory’s not so bad after all. Oh shit pepper crab awaits I shall come back to edit this post later


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