When all you gotta keep is strong

I’m in an extremely good mood today because I got to catch up with the 4L babes!! Really miss them so much hehe we shld meet up more often! :)

So after school we headed to bugis for lunch (PEPPER LUNCH) > Iluma for KOI > Bugis street to squeeze w people (and saw someone there hahaha) > Iluma to talk and talk and comb hair and laugh. Hahaha. Jamie and Jialing joined us too, hope they can adapt well in VJ, really miss them man.. Love all of yall so much (L)

Had touch rugby and kirin dinner ytd, I love the ruggers + my house a lot!!! Not to forget 5C13 haha I always laugh so much when I’m w them. Reached home super late aft kirin dinner ytd!! Oh and my fb status is a joke, hahaha ruowei.

Clarinet reunion dinner on Friday!!!! My clarinets are all awesome people I love them so much. They really feel like family to me, and we always laugh so much when we’re together being retarded tgt. Hehe. Went shopping for ingredients w CW, Kristal, Isabel and Roy before haha DAMN FUN :D We were like the kids going with parents to shop for groceries hahaha. And we were so efficient WOOT.

SUPER SHOW 3 ON SATURDAY. Best 3 hours of my life~~~~~~~~~~~ :D They’re really super talented and sincere and better looking in person!!! Enjoyed myself a lot and it all felt like an awesome dream lol. I want SS4, LOL.

Shit I realised I forgot to buy stuff for my mortal(s). I have 3 btw. OMG. :(

I can’t wait for CNY to bai nian and stuff hahaha I’m gonna FORGET ABT ALL MY WORK accidentally. Ok idk what to type anymore I shall upload pics on fb, relatives are coming over in like an hour :o Hope all of yall will have a great CNY holiday!!

This post is damn random ROFL. I’m too tired to think and I feel like sleeping. Sorry all you silent readers this is a crappy post.


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