Audience of One

So I was thinking about stuff as usual, and I really wonder why I live to please people sometimes. :(
I always get my priorities screwed up!!!!!! Sigh.
I really hate it when I say one thing and end up doing another, because I really don’t like it when people do that
I act on impulse most of the time then I look back and regret.
Praying tht I will grow more in this area!
Ok need to get myself together…..

I think this birthday was my best birthday yet hehe it was so simple yet I felt so blessed all the same, and I really have to thank God for that. Morning with the 4L peeps, afternoon with yhope people + God, night with the bestfriends and the family. I am really blessed to have all these people supporting me and being there for me :) Pictures when I have the time (= never) Thank you to everyone who took the time to give me smth/ write me a card/ wish me, I really really appreciate it!! I love every single one of my presents, especially the one from my mum :D

So I finished my new year shopping yesterday and yay I can’t wait for CNY already. Clarinets Tuan Yuan Fan this Friday, I really love all my clarinets (L) Oh & third day of cny @ ada’s!! I smell fun :)

5C13 has been a joy to be around, I love laughing with them!! We’re all so noisy outside class but so quiet in class haha. Michelle (Teo) is hilarious btw. HAHA one syll lang, and Matthew in the library today + suaning ahemahem + waking each other up during lectures and many more :) I’m excited to do ____ tgt and all the future outings~

Had SP today, and it turned out to be….. Well shan’t say here haha but it made me think abt some things!! Band tmr yay I love my section :D

P.S. I am actually quite afraid of you now :(


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