But we’ve got our love to pay the bills

Ms Fang asked us to describe our first day of school today in one word haha and my word was read but I think it’s more of ignorance :(

There’s like so many things we don’t know out there in the world and I really don’t want to live in my little bubble, and stay in my comfort zone. If I am overwhelmed (which I am) by Senior High right now, how am I going to face the world out there? I really really felt like stupid in the classes today oh god. And not even in the retarded sense of stupid. I am challenged, I am stressed, but I am not going to just leave it at that!!! I don’t want to just live this 2 years of my life complaining how tough senior high life is, how much homework I haveto complete etcetc, but to really make to most of all my opportunities here, limited as they are. Who am I to complain about limited opportunities when I don’t even make full use of every one that has been given to me?

Turning seventeen on Saturday. It’s just going to be another day haha funny how birthdays don’t mean so much anymore. If you ask me in December I’d probably be excited about it, but now I’m just like, oh, ok. Another year older lor. Although I’m loving the fact that it’s on a Saturday and I get to spend half of it in service hehe

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