Hahaha. I’ve been craving for the strangest things ever since school started but they can’t be satisfied. Boo :(

And I’m not getting used to the early mornings cos everytime I wake up in the morning I’m like OH MY GOD WHY JUST LET ME SLEEP ALREADY then when I’m on the bus and mrt my face is like perpetually -______-

So Senior High so far has been pretty good, apart from the fact tht the real senior high is going to start soon, and I can tell by the lectures tht it’s gonna be really tough man. Especially worried for Lit but I’m prepared to work hard! I’m afraid that I will let fatigue take control of me, but fear can be replaced by faith because God is with me :) I’m gonna need all the support I an get, so thank God in advance for my family and friends whom I know will take me through this journey hehe. We have Orientation @ ECP tomorrow!! Praying for good weather hehe.

I have so many things to thank God for btw!!! Firstly the gemma babes + guys hehe the chalet was really better than expected, so many people turned up hehe and really glad that we managed to have a good talk to know each other better too!! We talked for like more than 5 hours la telling each other stories and stuff it was quite heartwarming haha awww I love you guys. The fact that we still remain so close even after 2 years is srsly awesome :) Hope we can more more stuff like this even years down the road!!

Secondly I wanna thank God for the clarinets yay haha really got to know some juniors better during the chalet and they are all so epic omg -_- I LOVE LESTER HE IS SO DAMN CUTE. I feel like a pedophile but wdv~ Hahaha so cute sia. Had a whole lot of fun playing pig with them + laughing and talking crap + sleeping hahaha slept more than I expected to man. BBQ was super longggggg haha cos we were slow in starting the fire. Wanted to rush to send pinky off but couldn’t make it in time :( Take care adelaide faith (L) Went for frozen yogurt (omg I found my fav brand but I don’t recall the name) with Poh and Isabel, had a good talk hehe too bad it had to end. Walked a lonngggggg walk with isabel and had a h2h heart talk to :) Breakfast + arcade in the morning, omg drum game & bishibashi ftw. I love my clarinets~~~~

Lastly, 5C13!!! Hehe they have been super friendly and partly due to the fact tht I already know more than half the class, I feel more comfortable and not so worried about snr high cos I know I have these people to brave it out with me :) Haha I really want to get to know them better though, plenty of time, today’s only the 2nd day haha. I like our CT too she’s so cute haha breegeetee fang \m/ I’m excited for the next 2 years with these awesometastic people man :D

+ Discussed the S____ thing today…. really hope it works out even though the odds are against us. Hoping for the best!!

Okay praying tht orientation tmr will be good :) Goodnight everyone hope school is fine for you :)

EDIT: Thank God for my O level results too hehe A2 for HCL & B3 for French!!! Couldn’t have done it without You hehe love You!!!!


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