So I’ve been wanting to do this post as some sort of closure to 2010, but have been wayyyyy to busy to type it out hahaha it’s a Sunday so here I am :) Gonna head down to Ehub later!!

So many things happened this year, birthday celebration with the gemma girls, timeline challenge, clarinet reunion dinner, STEP, GYF, Chinese New Year, rebonded my hair, Rhythm XXIV, Rescue Heartbeat, Universal Studios, OBS, meeting/ forming the Fishes HAHAHA, my new LG, National Day performance with 4L, Earth Hour @ Fengshan, Band fridays where we’d play till 7+ then go for dinner hehehe, remedials with the math noobs hahah love yall, endless mugging in the school library, EOYs, results, HCL lessons with 4L, getting to know the random group of people hahaha, Hallowinds, a string of birthday celebrations, 4L chalet, FIREPROOF, Genting, Christmas service, 4L Christmas Party cum farewell (will miss you Jamie and Jialing), failed kite flying, countdown with my loved ones~
I have to thank so many people that was part of my year, I am so grateful for everyone who’s been in my life who has taught me something one way or another. In 2010, I learnt to let go of so many things tht I held on to for too long, and I’m really glad I did cos the feeling of letting go is just indescribbable :) I really want to thank God for so many things this year and here they are!!

1. I wanna thank God for standing by me all this time, even though there were times I felt like I could do it on my own, but everyone needs God and I’ve learnt that the more you try to keep things under your control, the more they will go out of control, so I’ve learnt to rely so much more on God, so that He can unfold the plans He has for me hehehe. I think I’ve really changed A LOT in terms of my perspective of things now, and what I prioritise. It’s making me a happier person, and all glory goes to You Lord :)

2. I wanna thank 4L and the fishes in particular for giving me an awesome environment in class tht makes me laugh every single day in school with yall, I think our class became much livelier in 2010 & I’m really thankful for this class of 35 girls and 1 guy. You guys appear quiet but yall are crazier than I ever thought you would be :) Love you all and hope we will still keep in touch tbis year :D

3. I wanna thank is my LG!! Even though I wasn’t very regular during school days you guys still stuck by me no matter what and encouraged me so much esp during EOYs :) and i think tht you guys really helped me grow so much this hols, like in camp and everything and I really thank God for you guys :) Esp my sheppie haha  really love you a lot babeeeee

4. Gemma babes!!!! Ada Ger Xinxin Ruowei Vivienne Weilin: Hahaha you guys have been through thick and thin with me man, I’m so glad tht we remain this close after 4 years of friendship, and I thank God for bringing yall into my life because without you idk what i’d be!! Thank you for standing by me through all tht I’ve done/ everything we’ve experienced. To vivienne and weilin: you guys are the best friends anyone could ever ask for I love you!!!! <3

5. My section mates!! Haha I’ve really come to appreciate you guys more in 2010, my last Rhythm w Junior High was super memorable I’ll never forget it and even thoigh we sort of drifted apart in the 2nd part of the year, I really appreciate you guys lots for supporting me when I was section leader, even though I wasn’t the best I could be. See yall at clarinet chalet and I can’t wait for Sydney srsly hehehe. To the seniors: thank you for being so patient w us and i love playing w you guys wooooot yall brighten up the atmosphere all the time :)

6. Last but not least my family!!!! Though we’ve been through not so good times together, I think our family bond really strengthened this year and I really hope all of you can come to church on Sunday or sth as a family!! Mum, I’m so glad God softened your heart and you allowed me to come to church and I promise tht I won’t let you nor Him down :)

I know this is pretty random but, if you can talk so much over sms and inititate conversations over sms how come you don’t talk in real life? Just a question hahahaha.

I have this random KOI craving now shitz hahahaha ok bye. Oh btw this space is reopened for the new year~~~ Ohyea


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