I go back to December all the time

Hi folks!! :)

So it’s finally December, 7th December to be exact (Happy Birthday Jiahui!!) Lots of things coming my way, and I’m prepared to grow so much more in God because I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me!

December’s gonna be a busy month!! Badminton with my classmates, visiting Mama, Weilin’s 3rd birthday celebration, FIREPROOF CAMP woooo, band camp and Genting with the family, then writing cards for Christmas, pre-Christmas shopping, then Christmas itself, then possibly CIP chalet, gemma chalet then clarinet chalet then orientation then the start of senior high life. Man this is crazy but I’m trusting in God that I will make it through all of this without losing my purpose and direction! :)

LG + WFL ytd was so awesome I really learnt so much and I’m prepare to use this knowledge to serve the kingdom of God even more!! I’m really glad I volunteered for games yesterday even though it wasn’t anything great my LG was so supportive and enthusiastic I felt super encouraged, and God helped me a lot through the whole thing as well, I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to do something for God because he really blessed me with the strength :) WFL was so enriching I’m really glad I went for it hehe. Afterwards I had dinner at my dad’s restaurant then I met my mum for shopping but it wasn’t a good shopping day lol ._. Came home super super tired and watched a bit of canto dramas haha

I can’t wait for all my dear friends who are overseas to get back, and I think I’ve given up on trying to arrange something for people who don’t even bother in the first place. It kind of takes 2 hands to clap and if everyone doesn’t care the outing wouldn’t even be meaningful after all. I’m gonna invest and commit my time in somewhere worthy of it, like in serving the kingdom of God :D

Today I’m gonna
1. Finish packing my messy room (while watching Playful Kiss hahaha)
2. Learn cooking from my maid
And yknow what my dear banana said when she heard that I was learning cooking?
‘Omg I’m expecting some explosion or something to occur:o what’s your last wish can tell me first? HAHAHAHA’
Lol that retarded banana. I hope she tries my cooking eventually and regrets it!! Muahahahaah

Ok back to work now :D


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