May these memories break our fall

(Long Live – Taylor Swift)

^ Love this song!!!!!

Okay so I have been super busy lately, but happily busy because the time is spent with people I love!! But on the downside I had very little time to myself, which is bad which is why I fell sick.. I was supposed to type this post super long ago hahaha but wordpress decided to die on me so I’m re-typing everything! Hehe. Btw I don’t expect any of you to actually read through this whole thing it’s crazy :/

Last week-
Monday: Studied in school for HCL O lvls with Kayleigh Ada Sherly Ger Weilin Vivienne in the morning! Then stopped for a bit of ball and cheng joined us! Yay. skipped lunch because Tjun Sern treated us to a huge cup of milo lol o_o Then bus-ed to Vivienne’s house for more studying! Ok more like watching funny videos on youtube and fangirling hehehe

Tuesday: Stayed at home to study! But ended up watching WGM haha fail ttm. Attempted to memorise Chinese idioms but couldn’t remember any the next day! LOL

Wednesday: HCL O Lvls!! I think it was alright, apart from the fact that I have a vvv high chance of writing out of point for my zuowen :( Praying hard that I didn’t! Aft that we slacked around in school not knowing where to go, and decided on KLP. Went there for lunch with Lemon Banana Sarcastic Squirrel Winner and Jonathan (haha go figure) and bowled! Everyone was so pro omg stressful ttm. Got 85 and 101 for 2 games! Vivienne got 101 and 85 haha so cool. The guys were just.. o_o Went back to school to play ball and Me vivi and Weilin totally lost our senses laughing at the slightest thing hahaha. VIVIENNE’S OTHER NECK LOL. Went for dinner with the 2 lovelies @ Manhattan Fish Market in Pasir Ris and had a great h2h2h talk with them! Love them so much :)

Thursday: Go to eat and slack and talk day! Met Vivienne Weilin and Tjun Sern in the morning at macs first, went to Open Plaza and ger joined us! Sang for a while lol then jereld and xinxin came and we went for lunch! Pepper lunch yumyumyumz. Then we bought presents and then we really didn;t know what to do, so we had a lot of indecisive circles LOL finally decided on going to Jon’s house to play ball but it looked like it was going to rain so we settled on playing mahjong @ Weilin’s :) Quite fun la haha though I won only 1 game..

Friday: Kor’s + Ada’s Birthday Celebration!!!!!! Met at novena (omg me and xinxin were one of the first woots) and swam first. Played hilarious and nonsensical games in the pool HAHAHA. Headed to marina square for bowling first, then lunch afterward and me and ger were sadly isolated because we didn’t eat the buffet haha! sian ttm. Took a whole lot of pictures, xinxin is damn epic omg. All the pics are with the birthday girl and xinxin! ._. After which we surprised her (very very fail) with her card and present hehe went to shop shop walk walk then headed to Dad’s restaurant for Kor’s birthday dinner with the relatives~ Yum I love thai food hehe. My cousin turns out to be a fanboy haha so funny we talked about WGM and everything. Played the 5 syllable game with UNO cards too laughed until my stomach ached lol. Great time spent with the family :D

Saturday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRUDDER :D Went for ‘Empowering Our East’ which talked about the power of brokenness and set me thinking a lot. Wrote down stuff on my QT journal after that! Rushed back home to prepare for Kor’s birthday party, went to aunt’s condo to play tennis and had the bbq woot. Quarrelled with my brother just before the bbq about stupid stuff as usual haha but it was fine aft tht. The food was superrr good I tell you I love bbqs~ Went to play Wii Sports @ aunt’s house, had a lot of fun hehehe Joey and Joseph slept over tht night.

Sunday: Macs breakfast @ Elias in the afternoon woo~ CIP meeting with the committee at bugis in the afternoon, go bugis street walk walk, so starbucks to slack a while while waiting for my parents to pick me up for dinner. Golden Mile Steamboat omg love it so much. Found out weilin knows the place too! Hmmm mundane day

This week- (elaborate another day heh)
Mon to Wed: CLASS CHALET: Too much to day, I shall type it out tmr. I love you 4L, more than I ever expected to :)

Thursday: TEOHENG with Weilin, Vivienne, Jereld and his sis, Gerald, Tjun Sern, Jonathan. Sang for 6 hours omg hahaha didn’t really sing though all of them sing so well la ._.

Friday: Band in the morning, watched Harry Potter and the deathly hallows with my sheppie~ :) did some shopping before that. Deathly Hallows was DAMN DAMN DAMN AWESOME. GONNA WATCH IT AGAIN ON TUESDAY :D Had a great time hehe, love you shepherd! Went to visit ger at night. I LOVE YOU BABE.

Saturday: Brought breakfast to geraldine, poor thing :( Ate lunch w J, TS, V, G and met Nic and went for service!
Sunday (today): Fell sick with a slight fever and got rid of it by sleeping for almost the whole day. At night relatives came over and we played ddr haha so fun it cured me even more. I love my family <3

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