Welcoming change

So today’s the first day of the school holidays!!!! Ohyea~ I spent it with Sherly & @ Yhope today, and it was time well spent indeed hehe. God really opened my heart to a lot of things today, and I’m really prepared to welcome change into my life for once and to go all out to know God more and to spend every moment in my life with Him :)

And talked a lot to Sherly today, finally let out what’s been in my head for ages already and it felt really good! What would I do without friends like these, thank you Sherly you’re really a blessing in my life!! We went to shop for groceries (LOL) and lunched at long john silver’s. Hehe I didn’t eat cos I was too full from breakfast ._.

Yesterday was HalloWinds!!! It was much much much better than I expected, year threes did an awesome job planning it (Y) Ok so we had the talk before that, and it was damn depressing knowing some stuff and quite sad too but there’s nothing much we can do but to support their decisions and do our best for the next 2 years I guess. Will miss my squadmates! Dry run then dinner then face paint then concert! It all went by so quickly but I really really enjoyed myself and felt the band’s spirit once again :D Haven’t felt like that since Rhythm sigh, we shld have more performances!! And BMC’s dance was damn hot sia HAHAHA he is so brave I really admire his awesome spirit. Then got damn high over the encores and subsequently got really tired x_x Part supper with cw zoe kristal poh roy and fred, didn’t get to talk much but ahhhh I miss them so much :( WE NEED PART OUTING/CHALET. Met up with the rest to go home and went home looking like some zombie.

& yesterday was also the last day of school, spent the morning having chinese lessons -_- But chinese lessons = 4D + mdm sau + gerald which = epic nonsense HAHAHA. So anyway took a lot of pics and I think I will really miss my class :( We’re really one-of-a-kind, who in the world has one boy and 35 girls in a class anyway?! Well Gerald survived and I’m super proud of him cos he really takes care of us girls despite all his daily nonsense and lame jokes hehe he’s really a nice guy and I’ll miss him for sure!! I am super thankful for this year when I got to know some of my classmates better especially Xin Tian Sophin Weixin Amanda Chia Amanda Cheng Tingyu Amanda Cheah (the math noobs LOL) and some others too. One thing I didn’t expect 4L to do was to perform as a class together during National Day, it was seriously unforgettable – all the hours and effort we put in into preparing the dance :) OBS was another thing that made me super proud of our class, we survived with just one boyyyyy!! Thanks to all the UG people, but I’m so glad most of us put the group before ourselves and helped out in whatever way we could, the experience really bonded our class together. Can’t wait for class chalet with you guyssss

Ok lol I typed this on Saturday but I shall continue here. So this was my week so far:

Monday: Bowling & cycling with xinxin and weilin @ Ehub
Awesome time spent w the loveliessss though I kept almost crashing into people hahaha singing at the beach was totally awesome we should do that again! Plus the park was really empty so yay. Got owned at bowling though AS USUAL LOL
Tuesday: Pigging out for 4 hours @ Seoul Garden with my LG
Smelt like meat after that even though I bathed lollll but it was good food and I felt accomplished haven’t eaten so much in a long time man! And gained my appetite back
Today: HSSRP meeting + shopping with Mummy
Quite productive + nice lunch with yb and jm! Met mum to shop but I didn’t really get anything lol no mood today.
Tmr: HSSRP the whole day x_x + sleepover @ cousin’s! :D
Friday: PACK MY ROOM (FOR REAL ) DAY, ROFLMAO + family outing woo public holiday!

So this is my first week of the holidays~ I shall make it a point to do something meaningful everyday and not waste my holidays away! And record them down so I won’t forget hehe. Hope it gets even more meaningful as the days go by, I really hope to achieve something this holidays, since we have no homework and plenty of time. Like learn a new skill/ get a job/ other self improvements lol I wanna get ready for snr high. Oh and I need to devise a plan on how not to gain weight/ eat too much.

Finally, a wordy post!!!!!!!!


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