Love is in the air~

Something from pastor jeff today – we like people who are just like us, with similar tastes and habits. But love is different, we love people in spite of our differences, accept them for who they are, and forgive them time and time again just like how God loves us, forgives us and how he has blessed us time and time again.

And I feel really blessed because I have so many amazing people around me and I’m really thankful for that, the fishes who always make me laugh in class, (the talk during/ after dinner was awesome, babes), xx ger vvn wl ada sherly who are my best mugging/ talking/ supportive/ listens-to-me-rant friends ever, my LG whom I learn so much from every week, my shepherd hehehe, and last but definitely not least my family who are the best thing that ever happened to me. You never know a good thing till it’s gone, so if you do, cherish them and tell them how much you appreciate them!! Love you guys!!

Today’s another happy day cos we attended Dennis and Gwen’s church wedding!! It was super touching when they were thanking their parents and making their vows – so sweet la. And um we played with bubbles hahaha so funnnn :)

Ok so now I’m mugging while watching Personal Taste and I wanna say tht even though I used to think Lee Minho was quite overrated and his curly haor sucked, he’s not bad in the show hehehe.

P.S. I can’t expect much from you anymore and I’m surprisingly ok with it o_o I take really long to trust someone which makes the disappointment even worse when it comes, but I’ve learnt to let go and leave everything to God. So happy living a life of your own while I live mine without you. :)


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