I will be

Spend the rest of my year 4 life meaningfully, not counting down to eoys/ the end of eoys.

I will spend it making sure I make time for my studies while making more time to know God, and talking to my classmates more and get to know them better, getting to know more people, spending more time with my family/friends, especially my grandma. I wanna do random special things for my loved ones and surprise them. I wanna work harder for my studies!! I really don’t want to waste the rest of my 2010 and regret it next year. And I also want to take time to get to know myself better, sometimes you think you’re the person who knows yourself best, but I haven’t really been feeling like that lately. I get so lost in other people’s opinions sometimes that I forget my own. And posting this here in the hope that I won’t forget everything I set out to do today because I tend to do that sometimes, judging from the ‘new year resolutions’ pasted on the top of my bed -_-

Soooo I have decided not to spend so much time on the net because it is wasting my life away, seriously. Will go on a hiatus until I manage to do what I set out to do, wish me luck everybodyyyy. Will only update my tumblr/ twitter from now on! (No more fb and wp!!)

So that’s it. HIATUS, hoping I come back a better person :)

(edit 24 August) This is harder than I expected it to be. I’m under so much pressure right now, with French, school tests, eoy preparation, xxxxxx, I need to rant…. Thank God for Sherly thank you for everything babe :D:D:D But my computer is seriously a HUGE distraction, I hate my small attention span + inability to focus. WHY DO I NOT HAVE A SENSE OF URGENCY. @)#*&@(Y($*

P.S. I luvvvvvvv my tablemates a lottttt :D They make me laugh and go insane whenever I’m stressed teehee I’m gonna miss them so much next year.

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