Finished PW already yipee.
I’ve been so busy this few days, going to be even busier next week week!!!
So well, I guess mini hiatus until after AYC, which ends on 3rd August?

Kinda sad that I’ll be missing school, apart from the lessons the people around me are awesome! :)
Like either one of us will go crazy during math/ physics then we’ll just start infecting each other and all 5 of us are gone already HAHAHA. Gosh without them I think I’ll really go crazy already. Wait that’s ironic I already AM crazy

Watched UP during PC today, they showed my favourite scene in the entire movie, very sad but very real and so sweet.. and and and the music!!!!

AND. I am seriously very proud of 4L. Last year we were all like sian and dao, and so so quiet and unenthu about everything, but I really see a big change in us this year :) Last year teacher’s kept complaining that we were too quiet, this year teachers can’t wait to shut us up haha. And all of us really put in effort for the National Day performance it’s really super heartening to see!! And coming to class now is actually a joy hehe. I’m so glad that we got in, we finally can do something meaningful as a class before we part, hehe jiayou 4L (L)

So many obstacles to overcome, I can only pray for faith
Staying positive seriously helps!! If not I’ll be wanting to die for the next 2 weeks already~
And Inception and Despicable Me will have to wait, for now..
Idk why but, even though so many things are piling up on me and I feel like I can’t breathe, I feel happier with everyone around me :)

Learning to distance myself away from you and you, so far it’s working pretty well!

P.S. Hiatus but will still be posting the letters just posted the Day 3 one :)

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