Wet weather

So many things have happened since I last posted, sigh both thank you and sorry to 2 of you :( I guess I’m the only one who can help myself here.. And we’ve been practicing for the National Day audition on Monday, really hope it goes well! It’s really nice to see 4L helping each other out and stuff, really appreciate the effort from each and everyone who came for the practices man. And what’s with the rain these days. I like it when it rains in school for some reason but I hate it when it rains on weekends. Makes everything just.. sad. Humanities Challenge is over at long last. Needs no further explanation, 4L would understand why.

Motivation list for the week
1. Probably will be getting my polaroid
2. Kite flying with the fishes hehehe
3. Good grades (which I really want…..)
4. 2 math-free days!!! (Day 6 hehehe)
5. Friday

^ I’ll need one of those every week to survive, it’ll probably add on though.
Omg I just realised GYF is next thursday, heard it’s quite fun but I honestly don’t know what to expect!!
Btw, I love Sundays because we get family time :) And I’ll finally get to have my black pepper crab later yumzz I have been craving it since Wednesday/ smth and I told Amanda Chia only to get a ‘YOU’RE SO RANDOM’ response HAHAHA. I love my table mates I hope we never have to change place!!

P.S. Should be moving to tumblr soon :)
P.P.S. I’ll start my 30 day letter challenge today on my livejournal since neither here nor tumblr is suitable!! Won’t be posting every day though~ (@personellement.lj)


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