1. To you: You probably don’t know anything and you probably don’t come here, but thank you for being in my life!
2. To A: Idk if you’ll come here, but I’m really glad you felt better today rmb we’ll always always be here for you no matter what! Supporting you all the way. Love you babe
3. I miss you still :(
4. I’m stuck between 2 decisions again afjfsjhfsdf shall sort this out tmr when I talk to V
5. My grandma is getting weaker and weaker, I wish I had more time to spend with her.. I am brushing up on my cantonese ok woo!
6. Just got a surprise call from my niece! Hehe I love catching up with people~
7. PE today was violently funny, and I got to drink my 旺仔牛奶!!! Satisfaction.

Sometimes it’s really the littlest things that make me happy.
Ok now I really need to study/ sleep already seeya later alligators


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