When someone said count your blessings now

Everytime I _____ I think that it’s ______, but it really isn’t and I’m just being stupid. I need to snap out of it!!

Anyway I had an awesome Friday spent with awesome people!! Youth Day Celebrations were much much better than other years from what I can recall hahaha. The concert was super good, all the performances were so entertaining esp the singing ones woooo. The painting and games were so fun hehe got so hyper and sweaty but I enjoyed it a lot! I played like all the games la over enthu already ROFL. The inside outside game was so violent!!!! Almost got my shirt torn off sia hahaha but it was all good in the end :)

Lunched @ Marche with clarinets, got delayed because of the rain + difficulty hailing cabs. & got drenched in the rain.. Famished when we reached there la. Oh & I felt so old throughout the whole thing hehehe but I had other old people with me hehe. We had like some cottage to ourselves IS THAT COOL OR WHAT haha my first time there and the food there was so yummmm I’m definitely going back there again!! Had rosti crepe and steak (Y) Talked a lot and walked around, idk why but I was soooooo tired by the time the lunch ended haha eating is so tiring. I love clarinets!!!!!

Saturday was HSSRP @ macs, saw so many DHS year 4s thr haha, me jm and yb wanted to go to some flea thing and turns out it was only for people above 18 HAHAHA so paiseh la we went all the way there some more :/

Then went to meet Sherly Geraldine and Banana, wanted to go to S’s house to cook but I was too late :'( So met them @ parkway and we bus-ed to Ada’s house for her surprise!!! Haha omg la I was damn excited to see her expression I love surprises~ But we uh, kind of failed cos GERALDINE CAN’T LIE. Hahaha ‘L’. But she was really really touched and we were really really happy :) I love this bunch of gemma girls whatever we are called la hahaha you guys totally made my day. Spent a long time talking we didn’t even know time had passed so fast, love time spent with them! Went home with weilin and talked about a lot of stuff if you happen to see this cheer up babe you know we’ll always be here for you :)

Ytd was spent with Mummmmmmy mostly, went to IKEA to get my new printer, YAY NO MORE EPSON JOY THE THE WORLD. I have lost my sanity shouting at that printer lor hahaha. Anyway Canon ftw \m/ Then dad joined us after work and we went to watch Knight and Day haha it was okay only la not exactly fantastic quite funny, but I was like dead by the time it ended .____. Cathay was soooo crowded we missed the first 10 mins, which was nth much anyway haha. Had my popcorn yayyyy I like sweet popcorn if it’s from cathay!! + ice lemon tea

Today I went out with Sophin Amanda and Xin Tian for Kbox and shopping!! Went super high as usual we were like dancing around hehehe. Then shopping and we spotted so many nice heels :( But we couldn’t buy cos no moolah! So we decided to go back next week but I don’t think that’s possible after all the work piles up :'( Anyway it was super awesome so time to face my work!!!!!!!!!! UGH.

When someone said count your blessings now
‘fore they’re long gone
I guess I just didn’t know how
I was all wrong

(Who Knew – Pink)


Back to awesome school tmr…..


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