I really hate Tuesdays :(

Thank God, the worst day of the week is overrrrrr yea man.
Reached home and immediately started doing homework. Haha the long weekend this Friday is my motivation to complete all my holiday homework so that I can enjoy for real tehehe. I’m just really glad today is over. Anyway I’m here because I’m taking a very much needed break from my homework chionging. The cantonese drama I’m watching is super exciting and my mum keeps screaming and shocking me UGH. Raymond Lam is damn cute wth. Eeyer my eyebags are really disgusting they should let us wake up at 8 everyday. Btw thank you everyone for all the souvenirs!!! Weixin Sophin Chingyun Ada Vivienne Gerald Isabel Jiayi Amanda etcetcetc!!!! I wish I could go overseas and buy stuff for everyone too :( Anyway took height and weight today and I lost weight woo motivation much 4 kg here I come

Utter randomness this post is


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