Byebye JH :(

So today’s really the last day with junior high.

I’ll miss all my juniors, especially the year 3s Terence Peishan Patricia Bryan they have been angels :) Shall pass my letters to them on Monday, hope they will lead the band/ section well, I have confidence in them!! Haven’t got a chance to know my year 2s very well, but they’re always so high and happy and not to mention much guai-er than before. I’ll still miss them a lot Rachel Cheryl Yuanwen Yuanhui Frederick Yugin :( Sigh I regret being a sucky SL I wish I could have led them better…

School’s reopening!!!! Not feeling very good about this, the holidays were too short. Oh well bye social life bye slacking bye everything else hello new challenges, I just have to persevere for 3+ more months. Jiayou everybody suffering the same fate as me now, we can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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