Today is one of those I-feel-contented kinda days!!! Hehehe

So SP in the morning, was so damn tired + hungry and the teresa teng scores damn interesting sia. I haven’t been in SP for like 10 thousand years. Then part lunch (ahem) with Ht Roy Bryan Poh @ KFC, chickens ftw! Bryan is damn hilarious wth, must be the tao nan genes ROFL. Then off to do ACE project, Bryan the mouse totally led us to the wrong St. Patrick’s la haha me and huiting were like roaming around ._. Anyhow we made our way there and bought bubble tea. The vanilla ice blended Amanda drank tasted like COUGH SYRUP haha best decision ever Cheah!! Did the crappy project and watched this STUPID SHOW CALLED GHOST LAB on discovery channel. It’s the most ridiculous show on Earth I swear hahaha just that it was amusing seeing all those people wasting their lives away. Did the project blabla laughed blabla went home with ht & gerald, who still owes me my physics file!! D:<

Met Mum & Aunt for dinner and shopping for presents, ate at putien their food is like (Y)

Actually the conclusion I came to today is that the grass is always greener on the other side so everyone should be contented with what they have if not they will never be happy!!! Say you want something so bad, and you finally finally get it, but when you have it for a period of time you’ll take it for granted and you’ll realise it’s not as wonderful as you expected! And envying others will never get you anywhere because what you have right now a million other people don’t so you should be happy!! I know I sound like I’m talking nonsense hahaha but the main point = cherish every single person around you and say whatever you wanna say to them don’t leave any regrets when you part :) HAHA sorry uh, in one of my contented moods today when everything seems to be smiling @ me.

& Hi people who read and don’t comment, please comment i don’t even know who’s reading o:

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