Every sky was your own kind of blue

Just broke my ‘hiatus’ because I’m in the mood to type lots of stuff!!

Fun fact: School is reopening in 10 days!! Back to the life of the dreary and dead.

So anyway, went out with poh and teo today for the long awaited kbox hehe. Totally acted like mad people screaming our lungs out. I was mad out of tune but I didn’t care for once hahaha damn funny la love time spent w ’em. Did smth so embarrassing thank God I met poh rofl. Ate yoguru while waiting for Chloe the hopeless latecomer HAHAHA. Went to eat @ ri ben cun & And Kbox is so cheap with the membership card $(23-8) difference sia!! No time to meet agn to study or wdv zzz

Yesterday: Met weilin for dinner – Ate @ pasta mania and talked alot, miss her so much!! But after dinner we were a bit sian, cos there is nothing to do @ tampines hahaha. Walked around and decided to stuff ourselves with food and we sat down and talked for like 1+ hours :)

Tuesday: Class outing @ Vivoooo, well HSSRP consultation in the morning, the professor and teacher are becoming nicer and nicer to us, just that we hafta be more serious in our work, which can be done!! Haha jiayou Jiamei and Yibei~~ :) So after the consultation which ended pretty late (ard 3+?) Me and jiamei went to meet the rest @ vivo omg 30 takes a damn short time to get thr. Met & walked around aimlessly haha went to toys r us cos gerald just HAD to go see his gundam idk what thing la, haha the girlszxz fooled aroung reliving our childhood!! Rofl I had no use for my cam @ all because sy and e were enthu @ taking pics! After that we went to daiso (the aunites anw HAHA) and me jiamei elaine and xintian went to pet safari!!!!!!!! Puppies are just precious little things.

Then we went to eat @ idk what restaurant is that but it was a steamboat buffet and it was so ex but all of us were hungry so we just went in.  The dinner was epic ttm, I have never ever never eaten so much nor laughed so much @ a dinner in my whole entire life I swear hahaha I just couldn’t stop laughing eh really crazy alr. And I was so bloated afterward I felt like pukingggg then we went to the rooftop and started going crazier, omg so many unglam photos x___x But we had so much fun hehe :D

Monday: Mugged french then the Karate Kid with Geraldine Bakbak my lover~ Haha I fell asleep mugging french :o So anyway after all the work we spontaneously decided on watching the karate kid heeehee it was super epic – we went to Bugis to catch the 5.40 show, but it was sold out so we walked to plaza sing, only to find there was no available time slot and it had to be earlier than 7 because I need to rush off, so we walked here and there for an extremely long time before ending up @ Iluma again, and we caught the show @ 7 It was an awesome showwwww Jaden Smith is so cute hehe cute as in boyboy kinda cute!!

Ok so that was my eventful week, & tmr = SP + ACE proj x_x Fun’s over, time to get started on work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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