I think I rock for having a blog in the past because without I would never have remembered what it was like in the past. And HAHAHA I was DAMN EMO in year 2 sia, I was wayyyyy too serious about doing my duties as a chairperson rofl. But why do I feel like 2008 was my happiest year? I think it was because even though I was sad and cried often so many people were there for me, to comfort me, and now we’ve drifted apart and that’s the worst thing :( I miss so many people who came into my life in 2008, thing is they’ve all moved on I suppose and I guess I should too. Well at least I thought I had already moved on, until I read my archives :( Ok I should rant in a private post and spare you from the drama, in fact I think I’m gonna move to a totally private blog soon. Can’t post too often either

Long day today hssrp consultation > 4L class outing @ sentosa > Dinner with weilin, better get ready!


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