Why do all good things come to an end

Last day of work – which also means last day of waking up @ 7.30 every morning, having our morning breakfast together, playing foosball and owning Cheryl and Mingwei (hahaha), seeing morning guy at breakfast everyday, hearing epic conversations from the other interns, messing up each other’s reputation and walls (OR BOARDS ROFL), deciding what to eat for lunch, slacking/sleeping/singing at the sky garden, going to the pantry ever so often for chocolatte/ strawberry wafer/ iced gems, going to watson’s almost everyday, having awkward lunches with all the adults, going to the third cubicle everyday, borrowing cheryl’s card everytime I forget mine and get lazy to walk back and allll the other stupid small things that I’m gonna rmb :)

Thank you everyone that made this internship such an enjoyable one! Glad that I signed up :D

Went to court today, got a HUGE blister all because I was late and we had to rush there. I really need to change this bad habit gosh. My blister is damn revolting omg :'( I’m gonna miss Rajah & Tann!!!! And my fellow greedy pigs hehehe but @ least I’ll see them in school!

I hope tomorrow is a Sunny Saturday I need to refresh myself :) Okie off to do QT!!


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