I can live without you but without you I’ll be miserable at best

Heyheyheyheyheyhey it’s a beautiful day~ :)

Started my day with breakfast in the morning with Char today was dimsum day!!! Saw morning guy hehehe last day already sian. Went to sky garden for awhile to relax and went back to do math assignment x_x Did like 6 questions? Then cheryl and mingwei returned and the two other interns Alex and Daryl brought us out for lunch with Esme and Huay Ching :) Went for thai food then bought their presents when we came back ^^ Fooled around laughing like mad with mw and c hahahahaha pervy’s laughter is so contagious, and cheryl’s epic faces HAHAHAHAHAHA which reminds me that day @ the sky garden me and char were going crazy singing duets and i was like ‘ok cheryl you can sleep we sing you a lullaby’ and she had the ‘almost sleeping’ face it was so hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing HAHAHA then we did more work and gave out the pressies and went to buy coffee @ daryl’s shop haha and we saw jade seah and we were embarrassed about saying ‘put it on daryl’s tab’ hahaha then went back to take a lot of retarded pictures with people in the office :)

So tomorrow we’re going to court, and free again for the rest of the day! I’m actually gonna miss that place, boring desks and the pantry chocolatte and all :(

I miss weilin vivienne ada geraldine sherly xinxin, my tablemates and 4L, cool clique/club… So far the June holidays have been so busy and my homework is not exactly done as well. Tahan until end of year then I’ll play like mad!!!!!! Jiayou you can do it! I hope

Oh and I regained my love for books! Went on a shopping spree for books after my shopping spree for clothes, teeheehee


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