Started my day well with ______ omg damn cuteeeeee :)

I seriously don’t know what to do I’m damn free though we’ll be going to court next thursday but that’s a whole week away.. I practically have been doing nothing this whole week apart from: wearing uncomfortable office clothes with heels everyday, doing some homework, learning about Singapore’s legal system, filing etc. Office life is pretty boring :( Charmaine’s asleep beside me now haha I bet she’s dreaming of someone! Since no one is asking us to do any work I should probably get back to my chemistry article review. Can’t wait for kbox this weekend + humanities challenge dry run rofl fingers crossed! After all we only have 5 people. I hope my Mum will let me go to service soon.

Ohya went to send the Lit people off on their UK trip yesterday. SUPER ENVIOUS. But seeing them all so happy and excited made me happy also especially for Sherlyn Natasha Jamie Vivienne Jiaying Mancini etc! I did smth super embarrassing though (again -_-) but spent some time talking to Vivienne which I’m glad I did because when she comes back she’ll be flying off again! I should do this more often, after all the airport’s only 20 mins away from home :) Bon Voyage to the rest of the people going overseas!!!! Hope I can go somewhere at the end of the year sigh.


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