Hahahaha something funny just happened hahahaha after the other older interns in our room left they told me and charmaine to answer the calls if there was any and we had no idea that the phone was ringing in the first place because it was some weird kuku ringtone when normal phones just go BRRRRRR BRRRRRRRRR this one goes like DING DING DING DING. !?!?!?! Ok anyway we checked and there are 8 unanswered calls and the person has not called back. HAHAHA WE ARE SO DEAD.

P/S The work here is super freeeeeeee went out for lunch just now with the ‘boss’ taking care of us and we ate until SUPER FULLL and went to eat some more at the pantry just now hahaha ICE GEMS and CHOCOLATTE FTW. I bet we’ll put on weight at the rate we’re going srsly!!!!!

Though we have to research on the legal system, which is both interesting and boring at the same time, HAHAHA OK BYE


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