CIP @ Simei Care Centre yesterday and it turned out to be better than expected hehehe. Sold old/ new clothes, though @ first we were kinda blur and business was kinda bad but the last hour was MAD. Everything was going at $1 so yea you get it right hahaha Geraldine that kiasu auntie bought some stuff herself haha I kept eating jelly from Aiwee’s stall and bought earrings and bracelets :) Watched Ip Man 2 with Geraldine @ Downtown East hehe love her <3 The show was good but it felt too short and I think the 1st one was better!

Met weilin for lunch after tuition then she came over to do retarded stuff that can’t be said here!!!! LOL then we played Wii yay sang songs yay finally got to talk to her after not seeing her for 5 days wth! Ok tmr got school and I haven’t studied for French!!! I don’t even know what is tested seriously. Sitong best la I asked him and he said ‘You know you shouldn’t ask me:)” LOL hilarious

Hope Friday will be good? Fingers crossed xxxxxxx


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