OBS 17-21 :(

Decided I should post since I’ll be gone for 5 long days! When I come back on Friday I swear I’m gonna take a 1 hour bath or sth and sleep until the next day whoo.

So I’m leaving my comfy home with a comfy bed, readily available water blablabla to go camping! How exciting. But seriously, apart from the bathing part I’m really looking forward to it hehe nice to have a change once in a while, and I’ll get to bond with 4L, love my group :D & I’m somehow looking forward to pushing myself harder than I usually do,

Gonna blog about my week before I forget after OBS hahaha. So friday was the last day I sat @ my seat I guess, really thankful for all the laughter I had there hehehe I really love my seat cos I get to pay attention and listen to the 3 funny people behind me. Got to know sophin xintian and gerald more and realised they’re actually damn nice to talk to/ laugh with hahaha still rmb the day we laughed for like 1 and a 1/2 hours and formed the FISHES roflmao unforgettable hehe really gonna miss them sophin with her lame jokes xintian with her random song and dance and gerald blubbing with me!!!! HAHAHA. Sigh never perf for fusion wasted leh! Spent chem talking and doing random things hahaha

PTM was quite bad actually!!! Even though I already knew my grades were bad, it just made me feel worse idk :/ And with all my close friends doing better than me and all it’s not exactly a very good feeling, but in a way I’m motivated to work harder for the next semester so I guess that’s a good thing? Played ball and all while waiting, super exhausted @ the end of the day whew.

Then saturday was spent watching vids + packing for obs, then elliot’s birthday party. Gosh kids nowadays and super hard to handle, I really admire parents who can be strong enough to raise polite and guai kids!!! It’s really no mean feat, especially with boys o_o Girls are not exactly easier to handle either, they get so emotional sometimes lol I really wonder how my mum managed to bring me and my brother up I LOVE YOU MUM ^^ Tuition today then pack some more then WGM then guitar hehehehe Falling slowly and Cai hong sound really good on the guitar I’m liking the guitar more and more :D Poh hurry up bring your guitar to school uh!


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