So what if the world just throws me off the edge

^ OMG I’M DAMN EXCITED CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I need to ranttttttttttt omg. I can’t stand how people are so prejudiced against short people/ fat people. & What’s even worse is that people think girls are more sensitive about weight than height, so they’d rather call you short than fat. Wth la seriously. I mean, what, do people actually expect you to react when they call you short/ make fun of your height?? And you don’t want to ruin the mood so you just laugh along or act like nothing happened, but IT SUCKS to feel inferior because of your height srsly, do you think we actually choose to be short?! Ughhhhhhhhhh everyone makes fun of us or laugh at us LIKE WE DESERVE TO BE SHORT LIDDAT. I deduce that tall people can feel nothing because they’ve never been made fun of! AND. What’s with everybody spouting vulgar words nowadays? I seriously lose respect for people who just use the f word like nobody’s business. I mean it’s fine to use it when you’re really angry but some people, an increasing number of people in fact, spam vulgarities just because other people are doing it and they think it’s fine or cool or whatever shit I find it SUPER irritating ok bye tmr = hist proj + yong tuition + EDS Nite long day + tired me = grumpy me




One thought on “So what if the world just throws me off the edge

  1. HAHA, i’m in the same place as you :D But babe, dont really bother about these type of stuff. Your character and attitude is bigger than your height/weight/face!

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