Happy Birthday to the man of the house, the dad who’s been protecting me all my life, providing laughter to the house and sacrificing every bit of your mornings to send me to school when I have really late nights. They say daughters are closer to their fathers I guess it’s because you’re forever so protective of me yet still letting me have my freedom. Ya I know you won’t see this but thank you for being there for me always :)

Had a great weekend – Time with bottomless pit was filled with laughter as usual, Universal Studios was awesome had a great time, my family is seriously my life support – no one else can tolerate me like them, no one else can comfort me like them and no one else understands me like them. Finally got to spend time with the brother and we had a great time hehehe. The sleepover was hilarious (Y) Love those girls I feel so at home whenever I’m with them!! :) It’s like we can talk, sing and laugh about anything and everything haha I’m so not afraid to show my unglam-est side because I know they won’t judge, thank God for them really. So I have to get myself ready to jump back into reality after a long weekend, bye for a long time.

I’m still wondering when will I take the initiative for once.

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