1 more hour

and 9 more days!!!!!!!!!!!


Hahahaha something funny just happened hahahaha after the other older interns in our room left they told me and charmaine to answer the calls if there was any and we had no idea that the phone was ringing in the first place because it was some weird kuku ringtone when normal phones just go BRRRRRR BRRRRRRRRR this one goes like DING DING DING DING. !?!?!?! Ok anyway we checked and there are 8 unanswered calls and the person has not called back. HAHAHA WE ARE SO DEAD.

P/S The work here is super freeeeeeee went out for lunch just now with the ‘boss’ taking care of us and we ate until SUPER FULLL and went to eat some more at the pantry just now hahaha ICE GEMS and CHOCOLATTE FTW. I bet we’ll put on weight at the rate we’re going srsly!!!!!

Though we have to research on the legal system, which is both interesting and boring at the same time, HAHAHA OK BYE


Smell of rain reminds me of OBS for some reason. I have decided to ignore SGC and go to bed because I have to wake up as early as normal school day tmr FML

Gemma outing was fun :) kfc lunch arcade yoguru shrek bowling epic faces subway sitting in a circle laughing and gossiping till it rained hehehe. I’ve learnt to not hope too high for this class alr, to have fun with the people who actually bothered to came rather than caring about those who decide not to. Love you guys :D

Listening to my favourite on the go playlist which always soothes me to sleep but every song reminds me of smth i dont wanna rmb

Can’t figure how
I’m gonna fix tomorrow away
If today’s still a mess
Can u tell me what’s the point man,
It all seems meaningless
I wish that I could step away and breathe
This world’s trying to swallow me
Clear away the clouds inside my head

Someone just tell me
That it’s ok now
What are you worried about

(Happy – Natasha Bedingfield)

Feeling tired all of a sudden. Need my sleep


“I’ve been making a list of the things they don’t teach you at school. They don’t teach you how to love somebody. They don’t teach you how to be famous. They don’t teach you how to be rich or how to be poor. They don’t teach you how to walk away from someone you don’t love any longer. They don’t teach you how to move on when the one you love walks away from you. They don’t teach you how to know what’s going on in someone else’s mind. They don’t teach you what to say to someone who’s dying. They don’t teach you anything worth knowing.” – Neil Gaiman

^ I still miss OBS I think we can seriously learn so much more from it than normal school :(

I don’t get why people don’t like being alone – even though spending time with friends’ a must – sometimes being alone’s the only way I can sort out my thoughts and to think from only my point of view because people are always telling you what to do, people are always expecting you to do this and to do that, people never fully understand how you feel. So I kinda like long bus rides alone – I think best leaning against the window of a bus on a rainy day with sad songs playing on my iPod.

I’m gonna be optimstic about Friday!!! And somehow try not to over-expect, I always seem to get disappointed..

I said I would sleep @ 10, so off I go now! Waking up @ 8+ tmr cos I only hafta reach school @ 9~ :D


CIP @ Simei Care Centre yesterday and it turned out to be better than expected hehehe. Sold old/ new clothes, though @ first we were kinda blur and business was kinda bad but the last hour was MAD. Everything was going at $1 so yea you get it right hahaha Geraldine that kiasu auntie bought some stuff herself haha I kept eating jelly from Aiwee’s stall and bought earrings and bracelets :) Watched Ip Man 2 with Geraldine @ Downtown East hehe love her <3 The show was good but it felt too short and I think the 1st one was better!

Met weilin for lunch after tuition then she came over to do retarded stuff that can’t be said here!!!! LOL then we played Wii yay sang songs yay finally got to talk to her after not seeing her for 5 days wth! Ok tmr got school and I haven’t studied for French!!! I don’t even know what is tested seriously. Sitong best la I asked him and he said ‘You know you shouldn’t ask me:)” LOL hilarious

Hope Friday will be good? Fingers crossed xxxxxxx

Bound for Discovery, Changed for life

Gonna pen down my thoughts first before going into the details because details can be the same, but the feelings are unique to everyone :) Seriously, what is it about OBS that changes something in you? The shit we go through as a class, the bad hygiene conditions, the insructors who never scold you but guide you, the encouragement from your fellow classmates, etc? I have no idea how it can be so powerful but I really feel something in me changed, the way I look at people and things now and even the way I look at my life and how lucky I am. I really like the ‘I wish you enough’ story that Instructor Shee Mun shared with all of us because it’s damn meaningful! Sometimes when we have too much of something we tend to subconsciously take them for granted, and if only we just have enough of everything to get through life we’d all be so contented and happy ^^

Because OBS was so physically and mentally demanding I really felt that I’ve grown a lot and it’s heartening to see 4L grow so much together too! Sometimes it really isn’t about having fun, you can have fun with anybody but it’s through the hardcore stuff that we go through everyday – unpitching tents in the rain, climbing to the top of the steep hill in the pitch dark night to sleep, kakaying for 8 hours and challenging our strength, all having rashes and patting each others back – that we really bond and support and encourage each other to get through it all :) Before going to this camp I really thought I wouldn’t survive and halfway through the camp I really felt like I couldn’t carry on but well we all did and I’m so so so so proud of us 4L :) & it kinda forces you to be more self aware and how you can change yourself and after doing the trust fall I’m really really determined to work towards my goals :D

WASHINGTON (L) I’m really grateful for everyone in my watch and how we all get along so well I totally see everyone in a different light now! Elaine for being such an encouraging kayaking partner who went crazy with me singing random songs and for being so funny (peeing LOL), Amanda Chia for forever being such a dear supporting everyone through the kayakng and everything else, Amanda Cheng for complaining about stuff with me and for laughing about stupid stuff hehehe, Sim Lin for being a great groupmate and asking me if my rashes were okay and all, Xin Tian the kuku woman who endured the rashes together with me and for patting my back whenever I itched LOL and for carrying all the stuff and being a great leader and being crazy with me waltzing and singing ‘butterfly’, Sophin for being so encouraging and going crazy with the kuku torchlight and for doing weird stuff to me at night (HAHA sounds so wrong), Tingyu for accompanying me to wash hair at the washing point every day and being an awesome tent mate hahaha so glad I got to know you more, Weixin for being a great tent mate and forever helping me with stuff and giving your all for the team even though we were sick :(, Huiting for being a naggy ahma  lol and helping me apply powder and lending me your towel you are the best mum haha, Shujun for helping me find me specs when some weirdo threw it into the food bin (o_o) really appreciated it hehe, Gerald for being the most gentlemanly helping out with everything taking care of the girls and encouraging us all! :D

I really understand why sometimess less is more. OBS!!! (L) Btw here’s part of the story!

I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright no matter how gray the day may appear.
I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun even more.
I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive & everlasting.
I wish you enough pain so that even the smallest of joys in life may appear bigger.
I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.
I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.
I wish you enough hellos to get you through the final good-bye.

OBS 17-21 :(

Decided I should post since I’ll be gone for 5 long days! When I come back on Friday I swear I’m gonna take a 1 hour bath or sth and sleep until the next day whoo.

So I’m leaving my comfy home with a comfy bed, readily available water blablabla to go camping! How exciting. But seriously, apart from the bathing part I’m really looking forward to it hehe nice to have a change once in a while, and I’ll get to bond with 4L, love my group :D & I’m somehow looking forward to pushing myself harder than I usually do,

Gonna blog about my week before I forget after OBS hahaha. So friday was the last day I sat @ my seat I guess, really thankful for all the laughter I had there hehehe I really love my seat cos I get to pay attention and listen to the 3 funny people behind me. Got to know sophin xintian and gerald more and realised they’re actually damn nice to talk to/ laugh with hahaha still rmb the day we laughed for like 1 and a 1/2 hours and formed the FISHES roflmao unforgettable hehe really gonna miss them sophin with her lame jokes xintian with her random song and dance and gerald blubbing with me!!!! HAHAHA. Sigh never perf for fusion wasted leh! Spent chem talking and doing random things hahaha

PTM was quite bad actually!!! Even though I already knew my grades were bad, it just made me feel worse idk :/ And with all my close friends doing better than me and all it’s not exactly a very good feeling, but in a way I’m motivated to work harder for the next semester so I guess that’s a good thing? Played ball and all while waiting, super exhausted @ the end of the day whew.

Then saturday was spent watching vids + packing for obs, then elliot’s birthday party. Gosh kids nowadays and super hard to handle, I really admire parents who can be strong enough to raise polite and guai kids!!! It’s really no mean feat, especially with boys o_o Girls are not exactly easier to handle either, they get so emotional sometimes lol I really wonder how my mum managed to bring me and my brother up I LOVE YOU MUM ^^ Tuition today then pack some more then WGM then guitar hehehehe Falling slowly and Cai hong sound really good on the guitar I’m liking the guitar more and more :D Poh hurry up bring your guitar to school uh!

I could really use a wish right now :(

Shitload of things piling up on me now, I just want my June holidays atm :( happy birthday mummy love you!! Thr’s band tomorrow I’m going to have to set things straight already, strive to be a better SL! Have to put caihong/ falling slowly on hold, anyway kor’s not here sigh. Oh btw facebook is awesome my maid who left when I was 4 sent me a message saying ‘are you see tong hui ling???’ which made me laugh hahaha physics is messing with my brain it’s more twisted than it already is o_o super junior is my motivation and obs next week excited but nervous kekeke wow I am getting more and more random hahaha I think my IQ dropped from sleeping too little whoops. Don’t wanna change sitting arrangements next term the daily laughter with the 3 crazies + one siaoamllover will be gone nuuuuu D: maths is also getting on my nerves but I am determined to get an A thia year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lying in bed now listening to all my favourite songs :) worrying abt my grandma :( i dislike school because I have bad grades when everyone else in my class is getting like 3.6 or sth but I like school because I get to see people I like and ignore people I don’t. Weather’s damn nice I should be falling asleep very soon.. Spouting random nonsense because that’s all I think abt before I sleep. Goodnight

Sometimes, I get so caught up in life that I can’t recognise my myself anymore. Why I do the things I do – is it really my decision or did I let someone/ something affect me? That’s why sometimes I need to be alone so much – even then I can never fully comprehend my actions or my thinking. Recently I’ve been thinking so much about people changing that I’ve forgotten how much I’ve changed myself. Why do I always choose to blame the circumstances instead of changing myself? Why do I keep doing the opposite of what I say? Why do I keep comparing myself with others without making an effort to change myself for the better? I could go on forever if I wanted to

Anyway today’s Mum’s day! :) Ate delicious pepper crab + sambal kangkong + seafood fried rice, ate @ 5+ and I’m still ffulllll as hell. Gave her her card and everything, and she teared omg :( I miss the times when she used to be the most important thing in my life – away from studies, school, friends etc. I would go to her for everything and talk to her about anything. Now everybody’s so busy, so stressed, so tired to even talk properly especially the weekdays. I promise I’ll make more time for her because I know she’ll make time for me when I need it. I don’t want to take her for granted… :/