Omg I have to blog about today before I forget it all!!!! It was such a horrible yet happy day at the same time. Hahaha. Ok so yesterday I was basically feeling VERY VERY VERY stressed about today because I had 2.4, physics test and PW back to back I was damn scared and stressed because apparently my brain prefers focusing on one thing at a time. I seriously hit a record in 2.4 though. LAST PLACE – 88. Anyway I don’t regret using that one minute to help sherlyn and I hope she gets well soon!!!!!! It was so scary sigh. Ugh I am so unfit to think I’m a clarinet player…. BUT ANYWAY IT’S OVER. So after the thing I was very very stressed about physics because I didn’t study much, and the worrywart me was worrying about Q&A because I was so sure I would screw it up.

Dragged myself to change, then it was physics lesson. Mrs Har didn’t bring any papers to class, and…. IT TURNED OUT THE TEST WAS POSTPONED TO THE LATER PART OF THE DAY! :) Hahaha was so happy so I could finally focus on PW. Presentation went ok, though I was shaking a lot and gave really short answers for Q&A –  but I was glad my question asked wasn’t that difficult hehe prayed a lot before the thing, God is good :) From here things started going uphill! Got back my maths test and I PASSED FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME IN 2010!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA record breaking day. I’m really very grateful because I used to be F and this test I got A+ omggggg happy is an understatement really.Thank you sophin and terence yong!!!

Then Xin Tian, Sophin, Gerald and I got REALLY REALLY HIGH HAHAHAH OMG after maths was HCL and we laughed for the entire one hour then it was recess and me gerald and sophin laughed more for another half and hour HAHAHAHAHA. SOPHIN’S JOKES ARE SO COLD OMG BRRRRRR HAHAHA & Me and gerald formed a group called the fishes and we performed for sophin and amanda. You know the sound you make with your lips?? We did it to the tune of mary had a little lamb yea so it went sth like ‘blub blub blub blub BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA’ and we couldn’t get the song out hahaha hilarious. Then when the class came back we showed xin tian and laughed a whole lot more hehehe – good relaxation before physics test :)

But physics test was screwed ttm, couldn’t do the last question @ all.. SIGH MY GPA.

Then math remedial > wanted to go for fwg but it dragged until so late so I had to go home ugh when will my mum let me have my freedom.

So tmr = HSSRP w jm and yb, meeting bottomless pit, & STEP dinner at night!
Saturday = universal studios + vivienne’s birthday sleepover wahoooo
Monday = Movie + hopefully some time for myself!!!!!!!!!!!! Need a break badly

Watching the 9 o’clock show – OMG LAO SHI CANNOT DIE HE’S SO NICE :(
Watched hello baby shinee just now – YOOGEUN IS DARN CUTE AWWWW
Gonna cuddle up in my bed to read my book with air con

edit: OMG HE DIED. 对不起我们尽力了is the most overused line in hospital scenes in the history of Mediacorp!!!!!!!!


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