Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday. ‘ve been dl-ing videos while doing bio/ physics/ french. Not been v productive so far hehe.. I’m so lucky to have my family and I can never thank God enough for them :) I can’t wait for next weekend!! Just realised ytd that I’m of legal age to play pool hahaha & I need to go watch an NC16 movie soon.

Actually school has been damn stressful, everyone’s competitive and I feel like screaming at people most of the time. My SGC makes me feel like such a loser. Life always sucks on a weekday with lessons and the heat and the low self-esteem. Compared to everyone in my class I’m seriously like at the bottom………….. Apart from some very awesome people in my life who never fail to cheer me up of course haha but in the end it all comes down to what? Grades, results, number of competitions you join, awards you win for the school etc. I’m pretty sick of it actually. Have to be strong enough to endure this nonsense for a ‘better future’. Every single Monday I look forward to Friday and the weekend. I don’t want to live life like this!!!!!!!!

Enough crap better cherish whatever’s left of my Sunday. Seeya

P.S. I love prawns (and my PW mates)

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