PW really isn’t pleasant at all :( Can’t imagine what it’ll be like next year I think it’s gonna be 10 times worse. Jiayou to my grp members <3 I feel like I’m super irritable sometimes & I really hate that side of myself because I lose my temper just so easily and will snap at literally anyone. Facebook is being so uncooperative I give up on uploading rescue heartbeat pictures. Gimme your thumbdrive if you want the pics ppl! Kor is still in Taiwan, weekends are super boring without him sigh. Was supposed to fly a kite today but ended up spending time at tuition with terence and sophin instead. Productive, but I was ttly brain dead when it ended. Woo differentiation sounds damn interesting -_- Ate my favourite dinner in a long time with my parents and we had black pepper crab hehe,, my mum is my dad’s first gf and vice versa, I love my parents they are so cute my dad bought dumb bells to train up his muscles but my mum and I just keep laughing @ him hahaha. Tmr is a monday I can’t believe time is passing so quickly. Went to service on saturday I feel like I haven’t been there in ages. Thought about a lot of stuff.. won’t say it here. Need to free up more of my saturdays for God because I always feel motivated aft service. Went to mos for milk tea before tht, straws with holes ftw. I’m praying hard for a better week, I kind of need it. CIP tmr, 5 items and third lang on tues, snr high band on wed, fwg on thurs, dance concert on friday, joey’s bday @laguna on sat, and it’ll be sunday again. I want time to pass slowly on mon and fri and the weekends but quickly on the rest of the days. Excited for sth I am planning hehehehe k: I am actually watching star awards and it’s getting quite boring. I wanna watch a movie with microwave popcorn with some friends sometime. Haha random much okay back to work have a good night whoever who’s here


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