STEP 2010

Hahaha it’s been so long since STEP was over but I’m still gonna blog about it!!! :D

I’d never think I would join any exchange programme, cos I’m really damn introverted and hosting someone alone in my house would be just.. creepy and weird. But by some weird chance last year I made the decision to join with Ada :) Thank God for her man really cos at that point in time I only knew her in the whole STEP Programme. Anyway I’m so damn glad I joined it cos there most probably won’t be another chance for me to take part in an exchange programme alr :(

I’ve learnt like so many things from the Thai buddies, and I really like my buddy a lot hehe she’s just like a big sis to me, always looking out for me and when I’m sick she won’t allow me to drink cold water and stuff like that! I’m super grateful that I got such an awesome buddy, love you Nook!! Even though I must admit there were times when I was so exhausted taking care of her I really asked myself why I joined STEP, but through it all I think this helped me grow so much, I became more open, and learnt how to take care of others more too!

And without STEP I would never get to meet this awesome bunch of people srsly. They made me laugh like @#$%^& EVERY SINGLE DAY until I think I grew abs from just laughing alone. Singrue Debby Yunen and Casandra!!! Of course Ada but I alrd knew you before hahaha (L) you. I got to know them so so so much more, my gosh how spastic they can be sometimes, for Singrue ALL THE TIME, and not to forget the bitching!!!! Because of this I really really did not regret joining STEP at all, cos if I didn’t I wouldn’t have gotten to know them!

Through STEP I also realised how supportive my family has been in whatever I do, sometimes I don’t know how I deserve a family like this. My dad offered to send me to school every morning, my mum planned a full itinerary every night for my buddy and I, my brother suggested going diff places and sacrificed his time to be with us etc, it’s really all the little things that make me so happy :) Have got to spend more time with them, I somehow feel like I’ve been neglecting them sigh.

Will upload pics vvvvv soon :)

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