Today in French class I got so worried because I couldn’t find my iPod, and I seriously couldn’t remember where I last saw it/put it, and I had this feeling I left it in the cab and even teared a bit because if I lose it I’ll feel guilty for life (it was a gift from my brother)  but I got in touch with Gerald and Sherly and those kind souls found my iPod in class I am super happy IF YOU ARE READING THANKS SO MUCH, and thank God that I didn’t lose it in the cab!!! :D


Survived the worst day of the week, idk why but I find tuesday the worst day ever, even worse than thurs or monday because the double periods + pe + rushing to and from classes are really tiring I hate it so much. I felt like sleeping the whole day cos of the stupid humid weather and I was so disgusting from PE sighhhhh. I just want to read a good book, or go on a trip overseas without a care in the world, but it’s good to stay away from fantasies. I am talking nonsense here because my math assignment is staring at me and I don’t feel like doing it hehehe. Speaking of which I think I should really stay off facebook because it’s like 20 weeks to EOYs wtf right 20 weeks!?!?!?! Realised this while talking to ger xx sitong and jereld omggggggggggggggg mug mug mug mug = stress x100000000

Anyway hopefully tomorrow will be better! Ok, I have to remember to stay positive but it’s so difficult for me because I complain so much. I hate to be confined in a classroom and I want to spend more time with the people I like :) I want to appreciate the little things in life and I want to stop complaining. I want to spend my time doing the things I like but I know it’s not possible :( Anyway I’ve decided that I’m gonna learn the guitar!!!!! But idk if I shld learn myself/ get a teacher/ get someone to learn with me? But I’m determined to learn sigh gotta make time! JIAYOU ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohya, went to kbox with the family on sunday enjoyed it so much I love my family hahaha I am feeling gay now kite flying next week so psyched so psyched so psyched I feel like a kid but wdv! This post is damn wordy, I like HAHAHA ok I should stop myself because I need to study bio lol whoops gonna post on kaleidoscope + touching hearts soon k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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