We are the ones who make a brighter day so let’s start living

Hiiii blogging with my iPod Touch :) it feels super good to wake up whenever you want on a saturday morning, lol I feel so happy now. & there’s the Earth Hour thing later, WE ARE THE WORLD FTW.

Yesterday was a happy day :) Career talk in school first in the morning. Grew super stressed thinking about what I wanted to do the future, but I guess we really have to start thinking abt it now, or else we’ll have no motivation/ goal in snr high.. Interested in psychology and law :D

Afterwards me ger xx sherly and daniel went to lunch and watch Alice In Wonderland!!!! Johnny Depp is the cutest srsly, the mad hatter’s my fav chararcter C: Quite enjoyed the movie haha the red queen owns.

Cabbed to meet terence and teresa, we reached there just on time :) VJCSB put up a really awesome concert, could really see their schl and band spirit, if only we could be like that!! and their clarinets sound super good!!!! Yay Chloe :)

Went for supper w poh and yanwei, gossiped about juniors, chatted for a while then headed home! Good time spent, not sure when I’ll get to talk to Teresa again super busy la that woman.

Ok i’m gonna do some hw before gg out seeya!!

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