Busy Week

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I know I haven’t been posting a proper post in ages just that’s it’s been a very busy (not to mention tiring) week for me :(

Recently I’ve been very overwhelmed by school work, HSSRP, band, friendship, projects, commitment etc, and I’ve almost completely no time for anything else. Sigh I guess I have to find joy in everything I do because if not then I’ll be unhappy all the time? Missed east restructuring for physics proj sigh. But we can’t always choose what we want I guess :/  Heard a story from jialing ytd and it really makes a lot of sense. I didn’t know you were pessimistic omg! :o Anyway physics project made everyone go mad hahaha nvm I’m sure we’ll succeed someday jiayou grp members <3

Over the past week I’ve learnt that happiness is very much a choice. Whether you enjoy something or not it’s really your choice. Many a time we try to find somebody to blame for our unhappiness, but if only we would stop to question where the fault lies, that you’re unhappy with you job, your life, your school, your friends. Ultimately I guess we only have ourselves to blame. I feel like I’ve been drifting away from a lot of my friends, cos now I don’t talk to hm very often. Sigh and everyone’s just so busy it’s hard to meet up!! I can’t say that I’m very contented with my life now, but I think it’s a start to try to see the postive side of everything. I mean, if we’re so unhappy with our lives now, can’t imagine how bitter we’ll be when we reach 50 right.

HSSRP consultation on wed, idk if it’s because I’m damn awkward when I meet people for the first time I didn’t really say much during the consultation. Like I wanna say something but when I open my mouth nothing came out. Our mentor speaks like really s o f t hahaha. Sigh one more month till the next consultation, let’s go camp at the library -_-

Last LG with eb2a on friday sigh even though I only knew them since last dec and didn’t get a chance to REALLY know them I think I’ll miss them, they’re really such a fun group of people to be around and I really learnt a lot about God through them as well. Wanted to stay for worship but my mum got so mad I didn’t tell her sigh I have no idea when she’ll approve :(

Physics test on Friday = ??? Couldn’t do the last question and this test is really one of the few tests that idk what’s gna happen o_o Oh and i found out that Jiayi’s my shepherd on Friday. Haha that retard tricked me make me so nervous for nothing!! Really hope to get to know her better! Then band, can’t really rmb what happened though. Then BALLLL. Ball after band is definitely sth that I’m gonna miss when I step down because it’s like the time when I really let myself go and laugh and every single thing, simply because it’s a friday and I can play till 8+ only having to worry about my homework the next day haha. I love unglam people HAHAHAHA omg terence stuck his hand into jingren’s mouth and I jabbed mancini’s hip with my elbow HAHAHA hilarious plz. Even though me weilin and vivienne can still play ball anytime it won’t ever be the same, just like how the seniors used to play ball with us.. We’ve just got to keep accepting change as it comes. :( Ate dinner @ Angus House at Ngee Ann City omg wagyu beef is the bombzxzxzx it literally melts in your mouth -drools-

Last hurdle till freedom :)


6 thoughts on “Busy Week

  1. Hiiiiiiiiii natalie omg i love your post so much esp towards the middle i think it makes lots of sense!!! See you around in school alright and it’s been a long time since we last caught up (it was your bday then D: ) !!! Jiayou with school alright and take careeeeee love ya!!
    RUOOOO :)

    • Haha HEY THERE RUO! :D
      Thank youuu hehe and yeah I really haven’t caught up with you in a long time must go out soon yes? You too dear all the best for surviving this year!!!! (omg im such a great poet) LOL

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