Why I am not looking forward to next week:

  1. Monday – Compre Test, chiong LA journals, study French = no need to sleep
  2. Tuesday – French test + fetch nook @ 12+ in the morning = lack of sleep AGAIN.

Why I AM looking forward to next week! :)

  • Nook’s coming and I’m so excited to return the hospitality (HAHA RIS LOW) that I received in Nov last year :) So looking forward to bring her around Singapore and have a ballll of a time woohoo+ skipping lessons :D I miss Nook/ the rest of the Thai buddies so so so so much!
  • Last week of term 1!!! (Good/bad?)

2 thoughts on “

  1. hey :D i’m going to have a sleepless night too.. PRETTY BAD.

    and i cant wait to meet your THAI buddy! <33 introduce her to me.

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